Statistics show 1 in 4 Americans
are living with herpes, let us help
you find the SINGLE ONES!

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emeraldsky3 : Texas Gal 7451455 : Looking for Mr.Right-for-Me! eric : Im a lover, not a hater lucia : are you looking for me?
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1in4-date is a tight-knit Herpes Dating Community for anyone who would like to meet other like minded people, establish lasting friendships or find their better halves in a thriving online dating world. Join our herpes dating site now to understand that you are not alone in this world � there are thousands of others who feel the same, act the same, and still have a full-fledged life to live. A relaxed atmosphere and excellent online dating resources make our Herpes Dating Community a unique place for �gifted� individuals. Our features include but are not limited to herpes chat, who�s online, quick and extended search, cupid connection and many more!
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